Revisiting the Start of the Pollution of Misamis Oriental

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Republic of the Philippines


Province of Misamis Oriental

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Office of the Honorable OSCAR P. MUSNI

Member, Sangguniang Panlalawigan

Chairman, Committee on Oversight







            In the not so distant future, the people of Misamis Oriental will remember this day as the day when the next generation is sentenced to die.


            January 30, 2004 will be a day to remember when officials from the Province of Misamis Oriental, without scruples for the deadly result of a coal generated power plant, would mark the ground upon which the Coal-Fired Power Plant shall stand.  The same officials know that that the act of breaking the ground for the Coal-Fired Power Plant is actually digging the ground to become the graves of our people in Villanueva, Tagoloan, Jasaan, Claveria and the nearby City of Cagayan de Oro where toxic contamination would be prevalent.


            Those who will participate and have actually in the Ground-Breaking Ceremony have condemned the people of Misamis Oriental and the generations to come to suffer the penalty of death for their political ambition and their perceived yet perverted business acuity.


            These same officials have not fully established the safety of the coal-fired power plant upon our environment.  In exchange for promises and without further thought of what tomorrow brings, they plunged head-on to commit the lives and the future of our children, for their own benefit.


            There is no argument higher than the security of our lives and that of our future generation.  Of what use will be the factories and amenities the electric power brings, if the people would be afflicted with illness and suffering untold miseries wrought by the coal-fired power plant whose safety for the lives of our people has not been proven to be unfailing or enduring.


            More than that, the timing of the ground breaking for the establishment of the coal-fired power plant is ominous as the election fever has rose to such level as to make the mind more engrossed with the acquisition of election funds.  Income can be derived from the construction of this God-forsaken coal fired power plant and it would serve as a fodder for the political ambition of those who seek public office as a means for aggrandizement.


            Lest those responsible for the initiation of this despicable project be lulled into a false sense of security that they have endeared themselves to the people, the voices of those who knew better and who knew the truth and are more concerned with the sanctity of human life would rise to higher crescendo to condemn to perdition.


Meet Me On The Level

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In the world full of uncertainties, we take consolation of our desire to meet people who meet on the level, act by the plumb and part upon the square.

This is RacsoInsum wishing the world out there with every faith to surmount every difficulty, hope for the immortality of our souls in the hearts of all and to encourage others to practice charity for all mankind.

RacsoInsum. A hunter seeking some of life’s certainties. A lawyer. A Mason. A Lover.

Hello world!

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